Artificial Insemination

Artificial insemination (AI) is a widely practiced and popular alternative to breeding naturally with a stallion. Although AI is not available for use in thoroughbreds, most other breed societies permit it's use. AI can be carried out by veterinarians or trained AI technicians, and the semen may be fresh, chilled or frozen.

There are many benefits to using AI:
  • Greater choice of stallion - semen can be transported worldwide.
  • Avoids dangers associated with natural service.
  • Can still be used if mare or stallion are recovering from injuries.
  • May assist with breeding mares that are prone to endometritis.
  • Semen quality and quantity can be assessed after each collection.

The lifespan of fresh semen can be as long as 48-72 hours, whereas chilled semen may remain viable for 12-26 hours. In contrast, frozen semen may only remain fertile for up to 12 hours post thaw, and in most cases can lose its viability by 6 hours after thaw. In the light of these figures, veterinary intervention often using frequent ultrasound scanning to monitor the mare's cycle and manipulation of this is necessary to achieve a high pregnancy rate.

Still unsure of what to do next, if your mare is a perfect candidate for breeding or which type of semen to use? Why not try our pre-breeding health check.

Once you have made the decision to continue with an AI package, the next steps are to;

  • Choose the stallion, and contact the stallion owner regarding payment, semen collection/transportation details.
  • Book mare in with Chiltern Equine Clinic by contacting the office directly on 01344 891888.
  • If your mare is coming in for frozen semen AI please ensure that the semen has been dispatched to us prior to admission to the clinic.
  • If you mare is coming in for chilled semen AI please ensure you have made all the relevant payments and paperwork for us to efficiently order semen when required.