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Chiltern Equine Clinic have introduced a NEW Performance Examination Package;

Package includes:

  • Lameness examination
  • Ridden assessment
  • Blood sample
  • Assessment of foot balance and shoeing
  • Standard X-ray set
  • Oral examination
  • Tracheal Wash
  • Gastroscopy & Endoscopy

Terms & Conditions:

  • This package must be completed in clinic, horse must arrive by 8.30am and be collected the next day (time to be confirmed on the morning of collection day).
  • Package to be paid for on day of booking or on admission to clinic
  • Package includes 1 night livery
  • Oral exam excludes teeth rasp, this can be completed at time of package at an additional charge
  • To be sold as a full package only, cannot be broken down, treatments replaced or treatments added without additional charge
  • Sedation included
  • Lab tests to be run in house - results will take up to 48 hours