Our goal is to establish long term health through excellent sports medicine management to optimise your equine athlete's performance

At Chiltern Equine Clinic we specialise in in depth lameness examinations and our patients include some of the top sport horses in the country.

Lameness/Poor performance assessment:

  • Dedicated lameness work-up facilities including integrated hard and soft lunge surface and an outdoor arena so ridden lameness/poor performance assessments can be performed.
  • If your horse isn't performing to expectations or their performance has dropped off, we can investigate to determine the cause. Our in house facilities include a laboratory to perform blood analysis, gastroscopy, and upper respiratory endoscopy.


  • Top of the range portable radiography and ultrasonography units
  • MRI facilities at our Blueberry Farm hospital



  • Six monthly checks to closely monitor performance and advise if repeat medications are required

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Delivering a comprehensive service - incorporating state of the art therapies alongside performance horse management - designed to fulfill the potential of sport horses competing both nationally and internationally