General Surgery

Our Blueberry Farm clinic is an RCVS Tier 3 accredited hospital with a fully equipped surgical theatre, recovery box, facilities for standing surgery and round-the-clock in-patient care and monitoring. We perform a wide variety of elective and emergency procedures including orthopaedic, upper respiratory tract, urogenital surgeries, sarcoid removal and complicated wound repairs.

Most procedures require the horse to be under general anaesthesia but, whenever possible, a number of procedures can performed under standing sedation using local anaesthetic. Most horses tolerate standing surgery very well and it avoids the risks associated with putting a horse under general anaesthetic.

Many horses are referred into the clinic by our ambulatory vets for repair of wounds, especially when they are close to a synovial structure. This enables a thorough examination and diagnostics to be performed and then, if required, the horse can be brought promptly to surgery, which can improve prognosis and cosmetic outcome.