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Urogenital Surgery

Urogenital surgery is sometimes performed in mares to correct conditions that prevent them from getting in foal or that cause them to have early embryonic loss. These conditions most commonly affect older, multiparous mares but can affect any mare. The majority of these corrective procedures can be performed in the sedated horse, standing in stocks and using local anaesthetic. We recommend these procedures be performed in the autumn/winter when the mare is not in season so that she will be prepared when entering the next breeding season.

Other common urogenital procedures include castrations. In young colts these can be performed as a standing procedure but as the horse gets older the risk of complications increases. For this reason we recommend a closed procedure be performed in horses over 3 years of age. Cryptorchids or rigs are colts that have a testicle that has not descended into the scrotum. An ultrasound exam is required to locate the testicle, which is either inguinal or abdominal in location. These cases require a general anaesthetic in order to remove the retained testicle.