Veterinary Surgeons


Dr. Sarah Randall BVetMed CertEP MRCVS

Sarah qualified from the Royal Veterinary College in 1992 and subsequently undertook further training at the Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Centre Virginia USA. On her return to the UK Sarah worked in equine practice in Yorkshire and Northumberland before settling in Buckinghamshire working with John Parker FRCVS, gaining her advanced certificate in Equine Practice 1998. At the turn of the millennium Sarah founded the Chiltern Equine Clinic with the goal of providing specialist veterinary care for all horses in the Chilterns. Sarah specialises in sports horse lameness and poor performance investigations and travels widely within the UK and abroad for vet for purchase examinations. She has assisted many top level competitors to achieve their goals at national, European and international championships and at the Olympic games in 2004-2016. Sarah is an FEI Delegate for international competitions.



Dr. Gavin Hamer BVetMed GPCert (EqP) MRCVS

Gavin graduated from the Royal Veterinary College and worked for a number of years in equine practice before joining us in 2007. Gavin holds the European School of Veterinary Post Graduate Studies Specialisation in Equine Practice and is also approved by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons as an Inspector of Riding Establishments. Gavin is a recognised FEI treating veterinarian which complements his keen interest in sport horse performance. He has a particular interest in lameness investigation and treatment, routine and remedial dentistry as well as carrying out pre-purchase examinations locally and abroad. Gavin is our senior clinician and principal vet at our Bury Farm branch covering our northern and eastern areas.


Robert Oulton(1).JPG

Dr. Robert Oulton B.Sc.(Agr) DVM MRCVS

Robert graduated from the Atlantic Veterinary College in Canada in 2002, going on to work at the world renowned Hagyard Equine Medical Institute in Lexington, Kentucky, USA before joining the Team at Chiltern Equine Clinic in 2004. Robert has a special interest in management of competition horses and spends much of his time with lameness/poor performance and vet for purchase examinations. He also has a keen interest in sport horse breeding (formally heading our Reproductive Services). Robert has been the Team Veterinarian for the British Dressage Pony Team since early 2014 (Gold Medal Team in 2015 and Silver Medal Team in 2014) as well as the Team Veterinarian for the Bi-Annual 2** European Eventing Championships since 2013 (Silver Medal Team in 2013 and 2015). He is an FEI Veterinary Delegate for international competition.



Dr. Helen Bickerton BVSc CertAVP (ESO) MRCVS

After graduating from the University of Bristol, Helen undertook a two year internship at Newmarket Equine Hospital. She then spent three years in equine practice on the Essex-Suffolk border before moving to Chiltern Equine Clinic in 2013. Helen enjoys all aspects of being an equine vet but has a particular interest in lameness and poor performance. She completed a post graduate certificate in advanced veterinary practice (Equine Surgery - Orthopaedics) in 2015 and is an RCVS advanced practitioner. Helen is based at our Blueberry Farm hospital. Helen has undertaken an MRI training programme to perform MRI scans on horse's and produce high quality diagnostic images.. Helen is a recognised FEI treating veterinarian.



Dr. Carmel Molloy MVB CertAVP MRCVS

Carmel graduated from University College Dublin and completed an internship in Troytown Equine Hospital on the Curragh Racecourse in Kildare, Ireland where her responsibilities included anaesthesia, intensive care and diagnostic imaging of a large volume of thoroughbred and sports horse patients. Carmel then worked for two years as an ambulatory vet for Troytown where she developed a keen interest in internal medicine and foal medicine. Carmel joined Chiltern Equine Clinic in 2014 and is based in Amersham and works out of our main Model Farm Clinic in Chalfont St Giles.



Dr. Jessica Girling BVMedSci (Hons) BVM BVS MRCVS

Jess graduated from The University of Nottingham. She undertook a number of equine externships at Rossdales, Bell equine and Utrecht University during her studies. After graduating she spent a brief period working with small animals before completing her internship in equine medicine. Here she developed a keen interest in anaesthesia, lameness and reproductive medicine. Jess joined our team at Chiltern Equine Clinic in January 2014 and is based at our Model Farm Clinic in Chalfont St Giles.



Dr. Amy McCarthy DVM MRCVS

After qualifying as a veterinary surgeon Amy joined and completed her internship with us at Chiltern Equine Clinic. She enjoys all aspects of Equine practice with a particular interest in anaesthesia and surgery. Amy is now based out of our Widmer Farm Clinic alongside Robert Oulton.



Dr. Patrick Dean MVB MRCVS

Patrick grew up with standardbred racehorses and graduated from University College Dublin. Recently after graduating he received an invaluable grounding in equine stud work at a specialist stud practice in the midlands. Patrick has worked intensively with both thoroughbreds and elite sport horses, and has seen practice and worked in the United States and Australia respectively. Patrick also enjoys aspects of lameness and poor performance work, and has been appointed as Chiltern Equine's principal Stud Vet, based at Blueberry Farm.



Dr. Carlos Egea Escriche LV MRCVS

Carlos graduated from the University of Madrid (UCM). He then volunteered as an equine intern student for three years. After graduating, he gained more experience doing hospital-based and ambulatory externships in Spain, Ireland, England and the USA. Carlos then undertook two internships in the USA. During his internships, he was involved in all aspects of equine medicine (neonatology, internal medicine, surgery) although he developed a particular interest in poor performance and equine sports medicine, especially imaging, treating a broad spectrum of elite horses. Carlos joined our Chiltern Equine Clinic team in 2016.



Dr. Daniele Longhitano DVM MRCVS

After graduating Dan spent a year completing an equine internship at the equine hospital of the University of Perugia followed by some externships in Netherlands and Belgium. Dan developed a strong interest in reproduction, so worked as a stud vet in a large show arabians stud in Italy for a complete breeding season, followed by several stud seasons spent in France, Italy and UK is where he gained great experience working with standardbreds, thoroughbreds and sport horses. Dan also enjoys all aspects of equine veterinary medicine, especially dentistry, surgery and lameness.



Dr. Kate Martin BSc BVMS MRCVS

Kate graduated from the University of Glasgow and initially worked in equine practice in Kent, she then undertook an internship at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, University of Edinburgh where she obtained specialist training in stud medicine. On leaving Edinburgh Kate traveled to Australia to work at Veresdale Equine Veterinary Hospital where she practiced stud medicine. Kate joined the Chiltern Equine Clinic in the Summer of 2009, she is a valuable addition to our stud medicine team and also provides in patient care within the hospital working out of our Blueberry Farm hospital.


Dr. Mary Tivey MA VetMB MRCVS

After graduating from Cambridge University, Mary spent a year completing an equine internship at the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket where she was involved in all aspects of sports horse medicine (orthopaedics, neurology, oncology and ophthalmology). She joined the team at Chiltern Equine Clinic in October 2017. Mary has a keen interest in poor performance, lameness diagnosis and diagnostic imaging.



Dr. Ricardo Marques DVM MRCVS

Ricardo graduated from the University of Oporto. After graduating, he gained more experience by doing externships in Spain, Italy, England, Belgium and Brazil. Ricardo then undertook two internships in Spain and Belgium. He is particularly interested in sports medicine and internal medicine. Ricardo joined our Chiltern Equine Clinic team in 2017.



Dr. Miranda Dosi DVM MRCVS

Before graduating from University of Milan, Miranda completed some externships in Ireland and UK. After working few months in Italy, she joined our team in August 2017. Miranda is interested in Internal medicine and here she is developing a keen interest for anaesthesia and reproduction.



Dr. Margalida Mas Fiol DVM MRCVS PGDip

After graduating from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Marga undertook a 12-month internship at Dierenkliniek De Morette (Belgium) which provided hands-on experience in the fields of anaesthesia, intensive care, lameness, diagnostic imaging and surgery. She then moved to the UK where she worked at an equine first opinion practice in the Cotswolds, before undertaking a Postgraduate Diploma in Equine Clinical Practice in 2017. Marga joined Chiltern Equine Clinic in July 2018 after completing her postgraduate studies, and she is still keen to further advance her knowledge and skills by completing a certificate in advance veterinary practice in the near future. Marga is based at our Model Farm clinic in Chalfont St Giles. She enjoys most aspects of equine medicine and surgery, with her main clinical interests being poor performance, internal medicine and complicated wound management.



The three interns at Chiltern Equine Clinic hold the responsibility of the 24 hour care for any inpatients at our Blueberry Farm hospital and Bury Farm Clinic, they also assist with ambulatory calls such as category IV laser therapy.


Dr. Rebecca Davies BVetMed MRCVS

Rebecca graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in July 2016. She then worked in a mixed practice in Cumbria before joining the Chiltern Equine Clinic team in January 2018. Rebecca is interested in diagnostic imaging, anaesthesia and reproduction.

Ines Craveiro.jpg

Dr. Ines Craveiro DVM MRCVS

Ines graduated from the University of Lisbon in 2017. She has been around horses since a young age and during her studies in college she completed a number of equine externships, namely in the US at Rood & Riddle and Alamo Pintado, in the UK at Rossadales and Donnington Grove, in Belgium at Clinic De Morette and in Dubai Equine Hospital. Ines also spend 6 month working with an ambulatory vet back in Portugal gaining some more experience. She is interested in internal medicine and here she is developing a keen interest in lameness and anaesthesia. Ines joined our Chiltern Equine Clinic team in January 2018.


Dr. Hannah Scheidtweiler MVetMed MRCVS

Hannah graduated from the University of Ghent and completed part of her final year at the University of Bern. During her studies she undertook different externships in Belgium and the United States, where she developed a keen interest in sports medicine and reproduction. Hannah joined the Chiltern Equine Clinic team in July 2018.